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New Delhi, 19th August 2007: Welcome to the official website of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman (DPA). It is non-profit site, voluntarily set up and maintained by the Parsis of New Delhi, Gurgaon and NOIDA.

Whenever you visit our site, you will see something new. It could be news about a forthcoming event, a review of a past event, or just information that’s relevant to our community.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: On this page you will also see announcements of births, navjotes, weddings, and other reasons to celebrate. We will also post the passing away of members of our community.

EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW: Our attempt with this website, is also to share with the world at large more knowledge and information about our community, our religion, and the things we’re doing to help our small but vibrant community thrive and survive in the world today… and of course, information and recipes of Parsi Food!

FOR THE COMMUNITY, BY THE COMMUNITY: We invite visitors to our website and members of our community to contribute thoughts, anecdotes, articles, anything that is relevant to our community, and can provoke thought, as well provide as an actionable way forward.

The process is simple – just post your comments on the relevant pages, using the post comment tool, or send an email to our site webmaster using this link. Alternately, you can mail a hard copy of your contribution to us c/o The Delhi Parsi Dharamsala, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi.

ARCHIVES: All the articles/posts on this website will be archived once a month, and will be filed under various categories, and be available to anyone who wishes to browse through them later.

We hope you find value and enjoy our website as we find great joy in sharing it with you.

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