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Khordad Sal: Khordad Roz, Fravardin Mah ( (6th Day, 1st Month). On this day, the Prophet Zarathushtra’s birthday is celebrated symbolically.

Fravardigan: Fravardigan Roz, Fravardin Mah (19th Day, 1st Month). On this day, the Priests perform a Jashan in the vicinity of the Towers of Silence in memory of all the departed souls of the community.

Tiragan: Tir Roz, Tir Mah (13th Day, 4th Month). This summer festival is devoted to Tir, the Yazata of the rains and fertility. Tir is also associated with the dog star Sirius. On this day, people splash each other with water. This festival coincides with the celebration of the second seasonal Gahambar.

Meheragan: Meher Roz, Meher Mah (16th Day, 7th Month). This festival of early Autumn is dedicated to the Yazata Meher, a divinity associated with the sun and justice; the ripening of the crops and fruits.

Avan Roz nu Purab: Avan Roz, Avan Mah (10th Day, 8th Month). This day is celebrated as the birthday of the waters when Zoroastrians go to the waters and thanks to the great nourisher and purifier of the world. Special food and prayers are also offered to the water divinity on this day.

Adar Roz nu Purab: Adar Roz, Adar Mah (9th Day, 9th Month). This day is celebrated as the birthday of Fire, when Zoroastrians thank the Fire for the warmth and light given by it throughout the year. Traditionally, on this day food is not cooked in the house, as Fire is given a rest and special prayers including the litany to the Fire ‘Atash Niyayesh’ are recited in honour of the house Fire, or “Divo

Jash-e-Sadeh: Ashtad Roz, Adar Mah (26th Day, 9th Month). This feast is celebrated in mid-winter 100 days before the advent of spring. It is from this point of time that the day becomes longer than the night, in order that the greater light and warmth may permeate the world. The Jashan is perfomed in the Aiwisruthrim gah which is the fourth evening watch of the Zoroastrian day.

Zardosht no Diso: Khorshed Roz, Dae Mah (11th Day, 10th Month). This is the day on which the death anniversary of the Prophet Zarathushtra symbolically falls. Special prayers are recited and traditionally Zoroastrians go to the Fire Temple as a mark of rememberance of their propher Zarathushtra.

Muktad – Festival of All Souls: Astad Roz, Spendarmad Mah (26th Day, 12th Month) to the 5th Gatha Day (the 5 Gatha days are supplementary days and therefore no month is ascribed to them). It is believed that during this 10 days festival, the Spirits (Farohars) of the dead visit their near and dear ones in the physical world. The Priests perform special rituals over cooked food, fruits and fresh flowers, during which the spirits of the departed are invoked in order to seek their protection and blessings in this world.

NavRoz – New Day: This is the most important day of the year and is recongnised as to be the Seventh Crowning Festival which immediately follows the Sixth Gahambar. Navroz is associated with the Seventh Creatiion Fire, and is linked to the Amesha Spenta Ardibehesht – the best truth. The Seventh Festival, bridges the old year to the new year, with the advent of Spring. The resurgence of life takes place during this period with the symbolic victory of the forces of light over darkness.

According to tradition, this festival was founded by the Prophet Zarathushtra himself, whom it is held, received his first revelation on this day.

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