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One of the fastest growing social networking sites in the worldFacebook – now has a new group called Parsi Youth. This group is created by a member of the Delhi Parsi Association and is meant to provide Parsi youth from all over the world with a common private forum to come together and get to know each other.

Facebook allows members to set up their own home pages giving details of themselves, their education, work, whatever… All this information remains private, and visible only to those who you allow by ‘confirming as friends’. This is quite different from other popular social networking sites.

The founder of this group hopes Parsi youth will use this forum to get to know others like them around the world, as well as get to know those around them much better.

To become a part of this group, Parsi youth must first register with Facebook and then search for the group Parsi Youth within Facebook and send in a request to join the group. Requests will get accepted within 24 hours.

We hope Parsi Youth across the world – agewise, or even young at heart – will join in large numbers.


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