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some of the Trustees on the dias

The Annual General Meeting of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman was held yesterday, the 23rd of September 2007.

The Honorary Secretary, Adil Nargolwala gave his report for the year, and Mr. Yezdi Pithawala, Honorary Treasurer shared the Financial position and the Auditor’s Report for the year 2006-2007.

Nargolwala (left) presents the Secretary’s Report, while the members (right) are all ears

The newly constituted Board of Trustees was also announced, with Mr. Dadi Mistry taking on the mantle of the President of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman – a post which was held by the Late Lt. General (Retd.) Adi Sethna until his sad demise last year.

Mr. Yezad Kapadia took on the role of Vice President of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman, which was held until now by Mr. Dadi Mistry.

Dr. Niloufer Shroff was inducted as a Trustee of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman, taking forward the more than 50 year old tradition of the Shroff and Sethna families – who have contributed greatly to not just the Delhi Parsi Anjuman, but the Parsi community as a whole.

The Board of Trustees of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman is now as follows:

  • Mr. Dadi Mistry – President
  • Mr. Yezad Kapadia – Vice President
  • Mr. Adil Nargolwala – Honorary Secretary
  • Mrs. Veera F Mavalwala – Honorary Joint Secretary
  • Mr. Yezdi Pithawala – Honorary Treasurer
  • Mrs. Ava Khullar – Trustee
  • Mr. Kavas Kapadia – Trustee
  • Mr. Navroze Dhondy – Trustee
  • Mr. Dinyar Banker – Trustee
  • Mr. Marazban Nariman Zaiwalla – Trustee
  • Mr. Jal Master – Youth Trustee

The AGM was followed by a traditional Sunday lunch of Dhansak and Cachumber for all the members present!

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