Abba Ki Zubaani – A Short Film

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2 comments on “Abba Ki Zubaani – A Short Film

  1. Comments on the film

    abba seems a professional actor the other two are learning
    nice attempt
    rajamohan010 1 day ago
    mehernosh kapadia is the soul of this film, very well acted
    ramvermaxx 1 day ago
    Very well acted Abba
    piyushpatelx 3 days ago
    Nice to see you on screen Mehernosh. A great performance since I had last seen you over 30 years back on stage with Adi Marazban group
    MrSoliengineer 4 days ago
    Super Acting Mehernosh .

    Nice acting Mehernosh!! Was hoping to see your name in the direction credits too. A new career twist??
    dinyargai 1 week ago

    • While we applaud the efforts of Mehernosh Kapadia in terms of writing and acting, we do not appreciate the flood of spam comments and “letters of recommendations from fans” which we receive – the above is a poorly veiled example of “authentic” praise, which may have appeared elsewhere, but not here.

      A word of advice to his Advisers ~ you border on being annoying and we are regularly marking comments/mail in favor of you as “Spam” and reporting them.

      Thank you :)

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