Delhi Parsi

October 7, 2017
Remembering Keki Gandhi premium
Homi Keki Gandhi held a “Celebration of Life” for his late father – Keki J Gandhi, at the Delhi Parsi Anjuman Hall today, and various Speakers paid rich tributes to Keki Uncle who was a thorough gentleman, and went out of his way to help everyone who came to him with a problem. A cool […]
September 5, 2017
Dharamshala Update premium
Please note new contact numbers for our Delhi Parsi Dharamshala: Landline: +91 11 2323 8615 Mobile: +91 977 396 5100
August 22, 2017
Ervad Cavas Bagli Mentors New Navars premium
Ervad Cawas D. Bagli, Head Priest of the Delhi Parsi Dar-e-Meher, invited two newly ordained 12-year-old Navars – Jehan Madon, and Malcolm Bajan to join him in the Muktad prayers at the Delhi Parsi Anjuman Agiary. The young Mobeds prayed with Ervad Bagli, and thus was laid the foundation of a new generation of devoted Mobeds […]
August 18, 2015
Ushta Te! premium
May your heart and minds be filled with good thoughts, good words, good deeds. May your homes and lives be filled with health, wealth and happiness. Ushta Te!
July 29, 2015
The Path of Zarathushtra premium
  A feature film ‘The Path of Zarathustra’ will be released at Mumbai in PVR theaters on Friday September 3, 2015. It will also be released at theatres in Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune. The film is the culmination of the vision, tenacity and determination of Oorvazi Irani, a Zoroastrian youth, who dares to think for herself. […]
April 2, 2015
Navroze in Delhi premium
While a dwindling community struggles to survive, filmmaker Shernaz Italia documents the little-known lives of the Delhi Parsis who moved to the capital at the turn of the 19th century… “Aavoji, aavo, aavo! Welcome to Delhi! Let me show you my beautiful city.” The booming voice of Nowrosji Kapadia could be heard across the length […]
February 9, 2015
Zoroastrian Population Figures premium
There is a lot of debate about the number of Zoroastrians living around the world today. Nergish Mistry from Delhi, pointed us to this page on Wikipedia that contains a list of countries where Zoroastrians are known to be living, along with the numbers available. The list is attributed to a FEZANA study, but details aren’t available to […]
January 13, 2015
Mumbai Priests – Have The Courage To Say No. Have The Courage To Face The Truth premium
By Jehangir Mehta | Perth, Australia Good leaders are invaluable to an association, community and the country. Bad leaders and gutter politics can destroy the very foundation of the pillars of any organization into economic disrepair and third rate status. Much of the wealth was gifted to BPP by the benevolence of the rich and famous families, whose fore-sight towards […]