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This website is an endeavor to share news and views of the Parsis of New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida – as well as provide a perspective on the religion, culture and issues of Parsis in general.

Board of Trustees: If you wish to reach the Board of Trustees, Delhi Parsi Anjuman, please write to:

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  • Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110 001

You can also write to the  Board of Trustees, using the contact form on this page.

Contributions to this site: We welcome contributions to this site in the form of Parsi related news, views on our culture and religion, information about achievements of Parsis… basically anything that is relevant to our community!

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Information and Copyrights: All information shared here has either been put together by the people of our community, or has been sourced in the public domain including newspapers, magazines, and the internet. None of this information has commercial value for us, but simply goes towards adding value to our lives and providing knowledge to all those who seek it.

If anyone owns the copyright of any information/text/images that appear here, and they have objection to our using it, please contact us and we will remove it immediately.

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56 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hi,

    Great effort with valuable resources in different areas ! Keep it up !!

    Wish you all the best and many successes !

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I am based near London in the UK and was wondering whether you could possibly help me with a query.
    I was watching a cookery programme recently. In it Gary Rhodes, one of our TV chefs, was exploring regional Indian cuisine. The programme also featured Parsi food. Being naturally greedy, I was fascinated by it. Mrs. Bhikoo Manekshaw explained some of the finer points of Parsi food and culture and mentioned a collection of recipes by her and perhaps others, possibly published by yourselves. As far as I remember the title of the collection was “1000 Millennium Recipes”. Would you know of it and if so, are there any copies available for sale?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    K. Wipfler

  3. Excellent work, I was wondering when the DPA would join the dotcom age. Loads of information on the community and DPA activities. Now if someone could also put up the entire DPA member directory online that would be a big help to some of us whose hearts are in Delhi but are now based elsewhere. :) Maybe you could ask people to register their details on the site to avoid too much re-work by the site administrators?

  4. Thank you Mehernosh, for your appreciation of our website.

    We have considered putting up the names and contact details of our members, but decided against it keeping in mind the privacy of our members and the risk of the contact details getting onto annoying spam email lists and unwanted sales calls.

    However, if at some point of time we do put up our directory in a secure manner, I will let you know first. And if meanwhile you need the updated contact details of anyone here, write to us and we’ll connect you to them.


  5. Am overseas at the moment and would like to know if the Delhi Parsi Ajuman has got an email address to contact. That time it was run by Mrs Bhaglee.

  6. hi
    i am javad riazi is an iranian in delhi. i would like to knows about zorostrian more which is a religion in my country. i hope that you will help me in this regard. thank you

    Webmaster’s Note:
    Hi Javad,
    Thank you for your interest in our religion and community. I hope this website answers some of your questions.
    There are a host of other websites too, which will give you more information about us – past and present.
    A google search is a great way to start.
    Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com

  7. I am a proud parsis who by marriage moved to delhi since last 2 years. But never had an opportunity to meet up with the rest. was lucky to be introduced to Ms veera mavawala who who has opened by world to all my other parsi fellows.

    Webmaster’s Note:
    Dear Aban,
    Welcome to Delhi, and welcome to our small but vibrant Parsi community!
    We hope the rest of your stay here continues to be just as happy among us.
    Best Wishes,
    Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com

  8. respected sir/madam

    I am a student of journalism, ip university and as a part of our curriculum, i have to prepare a project. for that, i am willing to make a documentary on Zoroastrianism.I shall be highly obliged if u can kindly spend some time with my team and guide us regarding the topic. Hope to recieve your reply soon
    thanking you
    shruti sharma

    Webmaster’s Note:
    Dear Shruti,
    We would be glad to help you in whatever way we can. You can write to me at delhiparsis@gmail.com to take this forward.

    Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com

  9. Congratulations on developing a excellent website to educate the youngsters on our religion. Great Work. can we incorporate soft copies of FED NEWSLETTER, Jame-jamshed etc. on the website.

    >> DelhiParsis Webmaster: Thank you for your compliments Mr. Bodhanwala. Your suggestion of incorporating other Parsi newsletters like FED Newsletter is great, but there are ownership/copyright issues which come in the way of us doing so. However, I will explore the options.

    Meanwhile, you can read Jam-e-Jamshed online here http://www.jamejamshedonline.com/

  10. The sight is excellent only one request

    Please update the Tel No for Delhi Parsee Dharamshal on the web page the correct No is 23238615.


    >>Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com: Thank you Jehangir! I have corrected the number.

  11. i want to wish to all parsi brothers/sisters ” HAPPY PATETI ”

    the parsi new year.

  12. while searching for parsi food recipe in google ,i got to see this site.i must admit this site is very informative for people like me who does not belong to your comunity.
    i have one question to ask- please tell me any joint where they serve parsi food in delhi .
    excellent job and best of luck for future.

    >>DelhiParsis Webmaster’s Note: Thank you Swati for your compliments and encouraging words about our website.

    As for Parsi food, there is no “only Parsi cuisine” restaurant in Delhi. But some restaurants at the Taj, and Basil n Thyme in Santushti do have a couple of Parsi dishes on their Menu.

    However, there are some Caterers in the NCR who do make Parsi food. If you like, write to me separately at delhiparsis at gmail dot com and I will give you their contact details.

  13. I’m researching a food book for a well-known publisher. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place or places in the world to enjoy Parsi food? I’m keen to increase awareness of this influential yet little-known cuisine. Ideally they should be open to the public, including non-Parsis. I’m thinking of restaurants or cafés but any suggestions would be welcome.

    David St Vincent

    david at sohoscribbler dot com
    www sohoscribbler dot com

  14. Great website , wish you all parsis happiness and sucess.
    If you inform us about your events/activities,… we can gladly report them in our news headlines….
    We all need to stay connected to survive.


    Note from DelhiParsis.com Webmaster >> Thank you very much! It will be great to collaborate and share news about our community. I will keep you updated, and likewise you can also let us know when you have something to share with our readers.

  15. hello my dear parsis
    there are many iranians who want to change their religion into zoroastrianism .
    az you know it is dangerous in iran but not in india .
    if your community accept them ,you will see the change .
    besides ,i have a question .
    can you speak persian or not ?
    at last you can contact with me at the hakhamaneshian site .

  16. Dear all,

    Please find some time from your busy schedules and visit this link above.

    I have never before taken this active interest in religious affairs, leaving such matters to our better peers, such as yourselves.

    However the recent additions, especially the exterior additions, to the Iranshah Temple are in such poor style and workmanship, that it is appalling and distressful we could do this at our Vatican……….if we do not act in this matter ……….I leave this to your better judgement, but the effect will be lasting, and future generations who visit Udvada will say “have our Parsis seen places like the Vatican ………how could they allow this to happen at Udvada?

    There can be no controversy here, this is so degrading to our holiest site, it should move the most disinterested to action.

    Please intervene.


  17. Hi,
    I am a freelance photographer from Delhi. I want to work on parsis in india. I need help.

  18. I am doing research on parsi literature and wish to know aout the community’s history and culture.i wish to know about the location of the library maintained by DPA.
    Please reply

  19. Dear All,

    We have recently shifted to Gurgaon.

    I was wondering is there any parsi get together functions for 21st March.

    Awaiting your positive response


  20. You have a very fantastic website, It is excellent, I enjoyed it a lot. It was fascinating. Thank you so much for your effort.

    I put your website address onto my site, just in case anyone around the world is interested they can contact with you guys.

    Yours Truly,

    Maya, from US



  21. It is an excellent website. You made it fabulous, I enjoyed it a lot.
    I already added your website address onto my site, just in case for other people around the world, who are interested to contact with you guys.
    Thank you for your effort.

    Yours Truly,

    Maya, from US


  22. Dear Friends,
    I need names and contact nos. of Parsis who are into Kushti weaving. I can supply the raw material(the woollen thread required) for weaving Kushtis. Please write to me at: souleeek@yahoo.com or call me at 09821131793.
    Thank you.
    Best regards,


  23. Hello,

    This site is fantastic.. It gives us chance of believing that somewhere out there is Delhi – and there too are Parsi and we can connect to them!

  24. Hello,

    Nearing Parsi New Year Next Month.. I sincerely, wish all my Parsi fellows out in Delhi a very Happy New Year
    This site is fantastic.. It gives us chance of belonging that somewhere out there in Delhi – there too are Parsi and we can connect to them

  25. Hi,
    I must Congratulate you as you did a great job by throwing open this website.
    Persons like me who wish to know about your community will be surely benefitted.
    Some years back, when I was a student I went to Darre Meher to gather knowledge about your culture & Religion and was furiously welcomed by an old man at the gate whom I think would have died right now (and if it is this, may his soul rest in peace).
    I then somehow managed to entered inside sir Dinshaw Building and met a cook who happens to be a Hindu but I was so thirsty to know about this religion that I started asking him many things to which his reply was as that the Zorastrian Religion is a mere illusion & the place is only a meeting place of all Paisewallahs & BANIYAS.
    I was knowing this much that I am not supposed to enter or even walk near the Agiary for being a Non-Parsi, but suddenly a lady came in an ambassador car with a young girl and without thinking that I may be a young researcher and even not bothering me to ask anything, she shouted upon me as if I was a begger…..!!!
    Infact I was in my Early Law Graduation years and was wishing to work for the contributions of this great community but that old lady did all that which was against her religion and teachings of Holy Zarthustra.
    Now I have grown as a Lawyer in Delhi High Court but has the same imporessions of this community what that lady left upon me in 2002.
    Sahab Shabbir Baboosahab.

  26. Dear Fellow Zorastrians,

    Good Wishes for the New Year Ahead.
    May Lord Ahura Mazda shower His Best Blessings on you & your family,
    Havovi Zubin Pastakia
    Mahim, Mumbai

  27. dear

    pls anyone tell me whre is any parsi locality in delhi….
    bcoz i am planning to shift in delhi….

    awaiting for reply….


  28. dear parsi bros and sisters

    i really want to know and have an insight to the great realigion and want to study its sacred book zendavesta’s english translation.can anyone help me to get a contact to any zoroastrian temple or book store where i can get a copy of this sacred book?plz help

  29. NOVEL —SOCIETY by Mehernosh Kapadia

    In my part of India where i live there are hardly any Parsees, so when i saw a novel written by a Parsee i picked it up—Society by Mehernosh Kapadia
    He has really captured the Society as it is today , it depresses me as a youngster that this is what society is today. But i must say his writting is excellent. as good as Dan Brown’s -Da Vinci Code

    • While this comment may be genuine, we cannot say for sure that it is not an online marketing effort. DelhiParsis does not endorse this comment and it is taken at its face value.

      – Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com

  30. All I do in life is read novels eat and dream.
    I must have ready over 500 novels by now and all subjects.
    My favourites so far have been Sydney Sheldon, Harrold Robbins and Aurther Hailey.
    Today i have added one more name to them –Mehernosh Kapadia. His novel SOCIETY is complete in all aspects. It sends a message and also entertains which very few authors are able to do.

    Great work–the world will hear a lot about him in the years to come

    • Again, while this comment may be genuine, we cannot say for sure that it is not an online marketing effort. DelhiParsis does not endorse this comment and it is taken at its face value.

      – Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com

  31. I am happy to see this site. Very well maintained.
    Wish you the very best.

  32. Hi

    I would like to share my food website with your readers. It has a collection of Parsi and other recipes.

    My site is http://myfoodandrecipies.blogspot.com/


    • Hi Aban,

      I have added your comment with the link to your food website. Since this constitutes advertising, we are going to charge you – you have to feed us some of that delicious looking food the next time you are in Delhi!

      Wishing you all the best,
      Happy Cooking!

  33. hello,
    m very much interested to know more & more about zorastrianism.i am living in delhi, will delhi parsi dharamshala allowed to any non parsi to attend their religious seminars so that we can know more about the religion and to enter in the dharamshala so that i can read books on zorastrianism.please contact me 99537525**

  34. sir,
    i m indian hindu and i want to know more about parsi religion,i want to come in parsi religion.

  35. Sir,
    I have been looking for an Avestan scholar who can translate the entire Zend Avesta into Hindi and/or Bengali. I also contacted Mr. Khojeste Pudam Mistree. He also asked me to search some scholars who can translate the entire Zend Avesta into Hindi and/or Bengali.

    I request you if you have any idea about it, then please let me know.

    Sovan Kumar Roy

  36. Hi,

    I had Sali-Chicken & Fish Fry at Parsi Anjuman. It was really excellent.

  37. Congratulations to our Parsi brother Mehernosh Kapadia on launch of his novel SOME WOMEN WILL NEVER CHANGE in paperback after great success as an ebook.
    The novel depicts Salmaan –Aishwarya love story in parts.
    The novel has all the masala for a Bollywood/ Hollywood movie.

    • Hi Shirin,

      You do know this is spam, right? Am surprised at the number of random “compliments” in the form of comments we get here]. Unreal.

      Maybe a good book (am not endorsing it), but the spam is creating annoyance.

    • It seems also story about Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim

  38. I traveled to delhi today (I am traveling in India but I came to Delhi only forthis reason)with the hope of know more about the parsis culture and they refuse to talk with me about it just becasueI am not parsis.
    If you want your culture more know in the world to avoid diapear it has no sense to treat the persons interested in it in this way.

    • Dear Simbad,

      It is unfortunate you feel this way. Am not sure whom you met and what happened? Was it a planned trip with a meeting fixed? Maybe next time you could write to us first and we could point you to the right people to meet and discuss with.


    • hey simbad dont get disheartened ………. i am one zorastrian culture fan …..and i an living in delhi itself ……the parsees are of very good and soft nature…..i also met with a parsi at delhi parsi dharamshala from the refrence of an unknown person who was waiting for his parsi friend at the dharmashala…..and he introduced me to his parsi friend and trust me simbad he attend me very gently……….so its my advice to you meet the right people with right person…bcz we are human beings and its natural that if any unkown person will start enquiring about me without any reason then i ll get suspicious…………..think wisely and i respect your feeling towards the culture……. once u ll suceed in that.

  39. Dear Friends,

    I propose to make 5/6 short films and for which we are looking for young Parsi boys and girls for acting, writing, directing, cinematography, sound and editing.

    All those who are interested may please contact me on 9870327564 or email me at mkfilms7@gmail.com.

    We propose to send them to international film festivals.

    Donations to help this cause are most welcome in the form of cash, camera lending, sound and editing.

    kind regards,

    mehernosh kapaida


  40. Just wanted to know where in delhi can i get my hands on some delicious parsi food…..really craving sauce ni machi!!!!
    Plz enlighten me…..

  41. sir i want to know about the marriage system of parsis

  42. i want to know about the marriage system of parsis

  43. hi

    is there any iranian psychologists in new delhi? i will be appreciate if you respond me soon because one of my friend really needs to visit an iranian psychologist.

    best regard

    • Hi Ali,

      As I replied to your earlier email, please email me with specifics as to what you’re looking for, and why… because as such, we are not aware of any particular iranian psychologist in the NCR. Perhaps you can contact Max Hospitals or Medanta Medicity or any such large healthcare providers.

      You can write to me on admin@delhiparsis.com

      Webmaster, DelhiParsis.com

  44. FROM






  45. This an excellent site. I commend your work. I have visited Delhi many times and stayed at the dharamsala. Ms Bagli was a a excellent hostess.

    I would like to share my food website with your readers. It has a collection of Parsi and other recipes.

    My site is http://www.ParsiCuisine.com

    Best regards,

    Owner and webmaster of ParsiCuisine.com


  46. Dear Web Master…
    Greetings for achievements, awards n rewards in passed days.
    Here is Mr.Balivada Venket a freelancer in writings, past works with The Eenadu New Delhi, would like to appreciate the achievements honors and scarifies towards mother India..Now i am interested to witness marriage or Navtoje ritual at delhi or hyderabad.
    If any chances please mail me other wise call me after 08-00 pm or before 07-30 am.
    God Anurn Bless all us.

  47. hi all was so happy to stumble upon this site and am glad there are parsis here in delhi. hav just moved to new delhi and wanted to connect to my religion once again am parsee and will always remain parsee.

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