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Directory of Parsi Doctors, Lawyers, Caterers, and other professionals and service providers – Coming Soon!

If you are a Parsi, and would like to be featured on this page, please write to admin@delhiparsis.com

3 comments on “Parsi Resources

  1. I would like to get all news of parsis on my email addrss from delhi

  2. It’s an effort which needs to be applauded as of getting all important Parsi resources together. We should also try to get on our list the places / towns / cities which have been transformed as they are today due to Parsi-Irani Influences… eg: towns of Surat, Navsari, Billimora, Udvada, Sanjan, Dahanu, etc.

    And if it can be mentioned as to what our influence was, will add grace to the whole project. So far everywhere, whether it be print media or electronic media, we have discussed Parsi-Irani roles only in spheres of Excellence in diff. fields & that to limited to individuals or a group of individuals – Organisations.

    For eg: In my site about Dahanu, it is well noted that Zoroastrians had been one of the few communities to reside in Dahanu since ages and had vastly influence the development of this town into Chikoo county of our country.


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