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The Decline of the Parsi Community

The Decline of the Parsi Community

A lot has been said, written, and debated about the dwindling numbers of the already small Parsi community in India and world over. For the record, here in the National Capital Region of Delhi, which includes Gurgaon and Noida, we Parsis are quite concerned with our declining numbers, and dismayed by the ignorance/apathy that surrounds […]

Shortage of Priests, forces Allahabad Parsis to rely on “temporary priests”

In an article published in The Times of India yesterday, the author writes of the challenges faced by our diminishing community in North India: Even in this crucial juncture, the Atash Behram or the Holy fire at the Fire Temple is kept burning by the efforts of members of this community, just a dozen head […]

Intermarriage Row Must Be Resolved Soon

by Joeanna Rebello Fernandes via Times of India, 8th May 2011 “It’s not so much the elephant in the room, no one wants to acknowledge, but rather the unicorn they all imagine-that the global Parsi population isn’t so desperately in decline, but that it has somehow miraculously ballooned to four million. Rubbish, was the emphatic […]

BPP requires grieving relatives to prove the deceased Parsi family member has not left her religion

Whaat…??!! Yes, really… Now when a Parsi woman married to a non-Parsi man dies in Mumbai, besides grieving and taking care of other formalities, her family members will also have to organize an affidavit stating that she was a practicing Zoroastrian till her death, if she is to be accorded full Parsi burial rights and […]

Matrimonial Meet at Bardoli

The Bardoli Jarthosti Anjuman will be hosting a “Matrimonial Meet” for eligible single Parsis, on 20th & 21st November, 2010 at Bardoli. The participants should reach Bardoli either on 19th evening or latest by 20th morning and  leave on the evening /night of 21st November 2010. The participants will be accommodated in hotels and best […]

A Date With Parsis

“The new saviours of a 3,500 year-old faith are hip and tech-savvy. Parsi-Zoroastrian youngsters are using Facebook, speed dating, and paintball competitions to meet, make merry and perhaps marry “ An article by Janaki Viswanathan in Mid Day >> click here to read

Navroze ’10 Celebrations and Talk of Change via Times of India

“Acutely conscious of the threat to its existence, the community is now talking of change even as it preserves its culture and heritage. At the gathering on Thursday evening, there was a vibrant display of sarees worn in the typical Parsi style and long white attire of the men. Even the old who turned up […]