Parsi History

April 1, 2012
Where Parsis First Lit Their Holy Fire premium
By Nikita Puri, in MailToday An article that appeared in “Travel Mail on Sunday” section of Mail Today, features Udvada – the place where Zoroastrians from Persia, first arrived on Indian shores, many centuries ago. “About four- odd hours away from Mumbai, and a 15- minutes drive from the main Udvada railway station, it is […]
January 7, 2012
An Annotated Bibliography on Zoroastrian Studies premium
Since time immemorial writers, poets, philophers, artists, and craftspeople among others have documented and passed on from generation to generation facts, truths, legends, even myths – for today and the future to discover, enjoy, and pass on to the future. In many forms we all gain from the knowledge and learnings of our people, our […]
January 6, 2012
Parsi Stories: The Life of Zarathushtra premium
Here is the first in a series of Parsi/Zoroastrian stories courtesy the UNESCO Parzor Foundation. Over a period of time we will share all the stories we have here, in the hope they provide insights and draw attention to the history and legends of our religion and community. Zarathushtra is believed to have lived in […]
April 5, 2011
“The Saga Of The Aryan Race” Vol I: By Porus Homi Havewala premium
Arktos Media have recently republished the first two volumes of Porus Homi Havewala’s ‘The Saga of the Aryan Race’ – a semi-fictional historical epic on the history of the Zoroastrian and Indo-European (‘Aryan’) peoples. The purpose of the book is to re-inspire the dwindling Parsi and Zoroastrian communities of the world to once again find […]
September 12, 2010
Zoroastrianism: History, Beliefs, and Practices premium
It is possible, that every Zoroastrian – Parsi, or other – who is online, has searched for information about Zoroastrianism. What we usually get are articles put together with scraps from other sites, and alternately either clearly orthodox or clearly liberal representations of the religion. It is rare to find a well written, non-judgmental description […]
May 27, 2010
Save Bahrot Caves premium
Dr. Homi Dhalla, the Founder-President of World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation, has taken immense pains to initiate gigantic efforts to Preserve and Save the Bahrot Caves as a precious heritage structure since the last several years. In a first of its kind, he has now initiated an online signature campaign, to be submitted to the Director-General, […]
March 20, 2008
Frohar Films “Humata Hukhta Hvarshta” – Suvichar, Suvachan, Sukarma premium
Frohar Films Presents – the only tele-serial on Zoroastrian Religion & Culture – ‘Humata Hukhta Hvarshta’ – Sunday 23rd March 2008, on Zee T.V. Gujarati – Zee Network, at 11.05 A.M. In this episode History of IRANSHAH – [Part II] by Dastoorji – Khurshed Kekobad Dastoor of Udvada will be televised. In the last episode […]
August 19, 2007
The Story of Sanjan: Kissa-i-Sanjan premium
Many places in Gujarat are important for Parsis because it is in these places that our ancestors found refuge and started a new life after fleeing from Iran in the seventh century AD. In those ancient times the Zoroastrian King of Persia (Iran) Yazdegird was defeated in the Battle of Nehavand, signalling the end of […]