February 16, 2009
The correct way of performing the Kushti Prayers: Via ParsiKhabar premium
All of us Parsis, including me, perform the Kusthi prayers every day. I for one always wonder if I am doing it right, and whether I have unconsciously¬†deviated over time to a method convenient to me… My ‘wondering’ became even more relevant when my mom started teaching my kids their Kusthi prayers in preparation for […]
July 19, 2008
An article on Agiarys – from Hindustan Times premium
¬† Adale Patel¬†pointed us to an article that appeared in the Hindustan Times recently. Besides pointing out the fact that some of our Agiarys are being given “Heritage” status, the article titled “Enduring Fire” goes on to provide insights not just on what’s inside Agiarys, but also reveals some of the issues facing them. “Their […]