The correct way of performing the Kushti Prayers: Via ParsiKhabar

All of us Parsis, including me, perform the Kusthi prayers every day. I for one always wonder if I am doing it right, and whether I have unconsciously deviated over time to a method convenient to me…

My ‘wondering’ became even more relevant when my mom started teaching my kids their Kusthi prayers in preparation for their upcoming Navjote. I suddenly realised that my mom prays a little different from me, and the prayer CD I got for them to follow, was even more different in intonation and pronounciation!

So when I saw this post on ParsiKhabar by Arzam Sam Wadia, I was delighted as it told me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I immediately wanted to share it here with all our readers who might be asking the same questions as I was.

So here it is – the right way to perform the Kushti prayers, with nothing left out. Via Parsi Khabar.

“The Paadyaab is an important step while performing the Kushti. The Kushti is incomplete without doing the Paadyaab first i.e. while reciting Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao. Ashem Vohu (1) wash the exposed parts of the body hands and arms, face and feet (if open)… read the rest of the article here>>