Parsi Stories: The Life of Zarathushtra

Here is the first in a series of Parsi/Zoroastrian stories courtesy the UNESCO Parzor Foundation. Over a period of time we will share all the stories we have here, in the hope they provide insights and draw attention to the history and legends of our religion and community.

Zarathushtra is believed to have lived in the Bronze Age in Central Asia, the ancient land known as Airyana Vaeja. Legend tells us that in a town called Chorasmia, there was a beautiful maiden called Dughdhova. At the age of 15 her body began to shine with a glowing light. Her concerned parents sent her away to Rae or Ragha, near the river Vehdaiti, to the house of their friend Paeteraspa Spitama. The Spitama family belonged to a priestly clan. Pourushaspa, the son of the family soon fell in love with Dughdhova and they were married.

They had five sons. Zarathushtra, the third son, was born on the day Khordad of the month Fravardin, now celebrated as Khordad Saal…

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