The Parsi Nose Project By Porus Vimadalal And Prayag Menon

This Parsi New Year, Vogue India featured an article that celebrates the Zoroastrian community’s distinctive nose!

Fashion photographer Porus Vimadalal and stylist Prayag Menon have documented distinctive noses in the Parsi community, and in so doing, have started a conversation about cultural quirks and perceptions of beauty. Read more about it, in an article by Avantika Shankar, in Vogue here.

How did the community react to this project? Well, read the extract from the article below, to know the reaction.

For the second batch of images, the duo advertised the project on Instagram, inviting anyone above the age of 18 to apply. Parsis of all ages reached out to participate, offering words of encouragement for the project and even sharing personal anecdotes about their noses: how relatives would comment on the size of it, or even how they would try to massage away their deviated septum. “There was a lot of enthusiasm about this project, which I was not expecting,” says Menon. “Some found the project very empowering, saying they had never really been able to love their nose.”

What’s the best Parsi nose joke you’ve heard? Please share it in the comment section below :)