An open letter of gratitude to the Indian Air Force

Dear Air Chief Marshal Major,

When we tell our fellow members of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman what they missed at the Air Force Day celebrations yesterday the 8th of October 2007, they all turn green with envy.

On behalf of all of us who made it to the memorable function I would like to convey to you and the Indian Air Force our deep rooted gratitude for the excellent Air Force Day show, and fabulous arrangements made for all those who attended it.

What to say about the Parade itself? The Parade was indeed spectacular and breathtaking. The drills were executed with the precision only to be expected from the IAF. The band kept us enthralled throughout the Parade and the marching was perfect. Then the finale with the AWESOME performance of our aircraft РI found the fantastic vertical climb of the Sukhois truly spectacular  and the precision flying of your airmen in the Surya Kirans truly unbelievable. I was happy to be able to congratulate some these  airmen personally at tea time.

Kindly convey our heartfelt gratitude to those of your staff who assisted us right from the time we boarded the bus to come to the Base to the time we returned to our “base!”

This I do on behalf of our Anjuman members, not only those who witnessed the Parade, but also those who missed out on witnessing this great show.

Kind Regards,

Yezad Kapadia
Vice President
Delhi Parsi Anjuman