Why I Chose to be A Zoroastrian

Dorian Gordon Bates was born to parents, one of whom who is an atheist and the other agnostic. As he came to the conclusion that he could not subscribe to the view that there was no God, he started searching for a religion to which he could belong.

After reviewing all the major religions of the world he came to the conclusion that he wanted to become a Zoroastrian. By then he had studied quite a bit of Zoroastrian literature. He was inducted into Zoroastrianism by Mobed Kerman Jamshid in the Netherlands over a year ago.

Dorian met up with members of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman on the 3rd of November 2012, to share his thoughts and ideas on Zoroastrianism. You can read the full text of his speech here:  http://wp.me/a2gLAf-gw