Golden Anniversary Celebrations and Homage to our Padshah Saheb

The Delhi Parsi Anjuman is proud to announce a two-day program to pay homage and reverence to the completion of 50 Golden Years of our Padshah Saheb in His service, at our Kaikhushru Pallonji Katrak Dar-E-Meher in Delhi.

Our Dar-E-Meher was consecrated on December 31st, 1961, and we will be celebrating the occasion on the 18th and 19th of December 2011.

Brief Summary of the Two day Celebratory Programme
(more details and timings will be announced soon)

Visit of Respected Dasturjis and Eminent Scholars

Our respected Vada Dasturji Sahebans from Mumbai and Iran viz., Dasturji Khurshed Kaikobad Dastoor, Dasturji Feroze M Kotwal, Dasturji Meherjirana, Dastur Mehraban Firouzgary, Ervad Ramyar Karanjia and several other eminent scholars from all over the world viz., Mrs Shahin Bekhradnia, Mrs Aban Kabraji, Dr Anton Zykhov, Dr Reza Hosseini, Dr Karan Singh, will be with us for a very interesting and enjoyable two day programme – the details of which will be announced shortly.

Jashan Ceremonies

The Golden Anniversary of our Padshah Saheb is a milestone event and on this auspicious occasion there is a Jashan for the entire community on December 18 which will be held outside the Dar-E-Meher in the Anjuman compound and will be performed by the visiting Vada Dasturjis along with our Ervad Cawas Bagli and all the other Ervad Sahebs of Delhi and will be open to all the members of our community to attend.

On December 19, the auspicious day, we will start the celebrations with a Maha Jashan at 9.30 am in the Agiary which again will be performed by all our Vada Dasturji Sahebs and our Ervad Sahebs and I invite all of you to attend this in large numbers and offer your prayers.


On Sunday, December 18 a sumptuous Lunch is being hosted by the Board of Trustees of the Anjuman, and on December 19 the Gala Lunch is being hosted by Nergish & Dadi E Mistry in honour of our Padshah Saheb.


The two day programme will be filled with very interesting and educational panel discussions for all ages, entertainment, a special Natak performance on December 18, and a surprise item by a Bollywood star on December 19.

How you can help: We request you all to block these two dates in your calendar, as well as volunteer help in any way you can.

We need help with logistics including transport for the elders of our community, playing host to the various guests coming here from all over the world, and of course in participating and organising the various events.

Please get in touch with Veera Mavalwala, or your local DPA Zonal Representative for the same.

Please note, admission to the celebrations over two days is for Members of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman only, and their guests. Details on how to register and get your invitation will follow soon and also be sent out in our Anjuman circulars.