Delhi Parsi Anjuman in the news ~ some recent stories!

Delhi Parsi Fire Temple to celebrate 50th anniversary | By Kim Arora, in Times of India, 18th December 2011

“The Delhi Parsi Anjuman (DPA) president Dadi E Mistry, now in his 70s, remembers how his grandfather would have a holy fire burning in their own house.

In 1961, a Dar-e-Mehr (fire temple) was finally established in the capital. Even today the fire temple, located near Delhi Gate, remains the only place of collective worship for the Parsis in the city. On Dec 18 and 19, the community will commemorate the golden jubilee of the consecration of the Agiary fire. The DPA has planned seminars, jashans (havans) and even a traditional Parsi fashion show to commemorate the special event. click here to read the full story.


The Parsis have given India more than others have | By Khushwant Singh, in Hindustan Times, 12th November 2011

Parsis have been my favourite community for all my life. Ever since they fled Muslim persecution in Iran and were given hospitality by Indian rulers, they have given the host country more than any other.

Tatas and Godrejs specialized in building modern industry. Homi Bhabha made India a nuclear power. They produced great novelists like Rohinton Mistry and journalists like Bachi Karkaria. Most of the top lawyers of India have been and are parsis: Nani Palkiwala, Soli Sorabji, Nariman. They also contributed to our freedom movement with… click here to read the full story