The 1st DPA Poll – Let’s start with the basics!

There is a lot of debate around the dwindling numbers of the Parsi community worldwide. We also hear many voices and opinions about the possible ways to stem this decline.

While the situation seems obvious to many of us, and theĀ official figures paint a grim scenario, there are are still some voices out there, which proclaim ‘we have nothing to fear’ (!?).

Of course, we’d like every one’s view on the matter, including your views on other issues, and their possible solutions.

But to begin, let’s just start with the basics – Are we, or are we not an endangered species today? Are our numbers dwindling by the day, or are we just being paranoid?

Take the poll here and share your point of view. Feel free to add comments as well.

In the next couple of weeks we will add more polls, to get a consensus from Parsis around the world, as well as from non-Parsis, in order to find possible solutions to the problems that face us as a community.

Please participate. We do not gather any information about who you are, or where you are from – we simply want to know your opinion.

Is the Parsi community at risk of becoming extinct soon? Please vote here.