The Missing Parsi

If you thought finding long lost friends and relatives only happened in old Hindi movies, you’ve got to visit this website I found the other day! It is an interesting and useful website called The Missing Parsi.

It is a wonderful tool/site created by Ader Gandi that helps you find Parsis and Zoroastrians with whom you have lost contact, and want to get in touch with.

Using its own directory, some web tools, and good old fashioned search engines, Ader’s website can help you find that long lost relative, friend, colleague or whatever!

To use this free service, you have to write to Ader with the last known details of the person you are looking for, and he’ll take it from there.

You can also go through the current list of people being ‘searched’ and see if you can help locate them.

The site also lists a whole bunch of Parsis found using this service!

Visit The Missing Parsi by clicking here.