Intermarriage Row Must Be Resolved Soon

by Joeanna Rebello Fernandes via Times of India, 8th May 2011

“It’s not so much the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge, but rather the unicorn they all imagine-that the global Parsi population isn’t so desperately in decline, but that it has somehow miraculously ballooned to four million.”

“Rubbish, was the emphatic denial of Dinyar Patel, a California-born, PhD candidate in history at Harvard University, who held his largely Parsi audience at Nehru Centre in thrall last evening, when he catalogued for them empirical evidence of their decline, and warned them of their fall.”

Dinyar produced Parsi scholarship and demographic surveys to revisit the crisis of the falling numbers of Indian Parsis, while positing more tenable theories for their attenuation than widely-circulated myths about migration and marriage outside the community”

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