Zoroastrian Population Figures

There is a lot of debate about the number of Zoroastrians living around the world today. Nergish Mistry from Delhi, pointed us to this page on Wikipedia that contains a list of countries where Zoroastrians are known to be living, along with the numbers available. The list is attributed to a FEZANA study, but details aren’t available to ratify them.

We have reproduced the list below, and would love to hear from our readers, if they agree or disagree with these numbers, and if they have another set of numbers, or perspective.

Please use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us and other readers.

Country Zoroastrian Population Percentage of Population
India 69,000 .0006
Iran 25,000 .03
USA 11,000 .004
Afghanistan 10,000 .031
Canada 5,000 .014
Pakistan 5,000 .003
Singapore 4,500 .087
United Kingdom 4,100 .007
Australia 2,700 .012
Persian Gulf Countries 2,200 .005
Azerbaijan 2,000 .022
New Zealand 2,000 .045
Global Total 1,38,000