WZCC Delhi Chapter: Changes in Committee

The Delhi Chapter of the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (India), was reconstituted today with a new President and members being added to the Managing Committee.

The composition of the new WZCC Delhi Chapter Managing Committee is as follows:

Dadi Mistry –¬†Founder¬†President, Delhi Chapter
Cyrus Engineer – President
Veera Mavalwala – Secretary
Adi Chhoi – Treasurer
Adil Nargolwala – Committee Member
Percy Batliwala – Committee Member
Navroze Dhondy – Committee Member
Meenakshi Bhujwala – Committee Member
Mehernosh Shapoorjee – Committee Member

The aim of the Delhi Chapter, is in line with the larger objectives of the WZCC, and its efforts are to facilitate networking, enhance Trade & Commerce and to renergize the Zarathushti entrepreneurial spirit and thus bring about economic prosperity to all Zarathushtis worldwide.

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