Students making documentary on Parsis need your help

We have been contacted by a group of young students doing a course in Journalism and Mass Communication, who are making a documentary on Parsis as part of their Final Year project. is extending all the support we can to these enthusiastic youngsters. Which is why we’re also sharing a small note from them here from you. Their note is self explanatory, as to the kind of inputs they need from members of the community.

“We are students of Journalism and Mass communication, and as part of our final year curriculum, we are make a documentary on Parsis.

For that purpose we need some pictures or videos of Parsi rites, rituals and celebrations, as well as any other information or data relevant to the Parsis, which you think would help give the world a better idea about the community.

We would be very thankful to you if you could share some of these things with us. If you can help us out, or if you have any queries about us, please write to us at

We have to submit our documentry in April 2008.

Thanking You,
Shruti Sharma”

Anyone interested in helping out these students may contact them directly, or send us your inputs and we will do the needful.