Frohar Films “Humata Hukhta Hvarshta” – Suvichar, Suvachan, Sukarma

Frohar Films Presents – the only tele-serial on Zoroastrian Religion & Culture ‘Humata Hukhta Hvarshta’ Sunday 23rd March 2008, on Zee T.V. Gujarati – Zee Network, at 11.05 A.M.

In this episode History of IRANSHAH – [Part II] by Dastoorji – Khurshed Kekobad Dastoor of Udvada will be televised. In the last episode Dastoorji Saheb presented the ancient history of Sasanian Dynasty, till the Parsees came from Iran to India and how Jadi Rana – the then king of Gujarat gave shelter to the Parsis in his kingdom.

In this episode he will present how Jadi Rana gave permission to Enthrone the PAK IRANSHAH in Sanjan and how Iranshah Atash Behram came into existence and traces the history of Its journey and the difficulties It faced from Sanjan till Its final establishment in Udvada where It remains till today.

This will be followed by the Song “ATASH NI SETAYASH” – written and composed by well known Music Director Late Shri Kersi Mistry and sung with him by Jaloo Bhesania.

This Tele-Serial of Frohar Films is Designed and Directed by Ervad Cyrus Dastoor.

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