ZAGNY WZO FEZANA Gatha Colloquium

The ZAGNY WZO FEZANA Gatha Colloquium was held on the 27th and 28th of June 2009, in Doubletree Hotel in New York. A report by Cyrus Dastur.

“What a wonderful experience to attend this colloquim! I was overwhelmed by the impressive line up of 12 distinguished speakers on various aspects of Gathas. I have to admit that most of it went over my head (and I understand of many in the audience). In spite of that, it was indeed a wonderful experience. When I called Lovji Cama 4 weeks before the meeting, he informed me that there were only may be 50-60 attendees! And come Saturday, for the first session, the conference room was overflowing with almost 150 attendees, thanks to some personal follow up by many ZAGNY members and their head Mobed, Ervad Pervez Patel!”

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