Parsi Food Festival at Radisson MBD Noida: Chef Kaizad Patel serves up the goodies!

Parsi food lovers in the NCR have reason to rejoice, and take their taste buds on an exciting journey this weekend up to the 19th of September 2010.

“Third generation Parsi chef Kaizad Patel is in town to help Delhiites nurture a taste for Parsi food”

“You’d expect a Le Cordon Bleu- trained chef who has done a four- year stint at Ritz Carlton San Francisco to hold forth on beluga, truffles and foie gras , but Kaizad Patel’s eyes light up when he discusses matters such as the etymology of the word dhansak . How can dhan, which means wealth, signify daal ? The humble lentils, Patel says, were the medium of exchange in the days before metal coins and paper currency, back in Gujarat which was where the Parsis thrived for centuries before moving out to Bombay to trade with the East India Company.

Kaizad should know best. He represents the third generation of a family- run catering business that was set up by his grandfather, Navroji Patel, and has been around for over 60 years. He knows his pomfret and his potatoes — staples of every Parsi meal — better than most young men. And he is as passionate about his food as any true- blue Parsi is about his eggs, so you won’t find a tent card announcing the Parsi food promotion at Radisson MBD Noida’s Made in India restaurant. Instead, you’ll get a menu book with 55 dishes.” – Excerpt from an article by Sourish Bhattacharya in Mail Today on Kaizad Patel and the festival at Radisson.

Clearly, the capital desperately needs a good Parsi restaurant to serve up our delicacies on a regular basis. Today, you can only hope to indulge in an “occasional” celebratory meal at the Delhi Parsi Anjuman courtesy the legendary Mrs. Dhun Bagli, or place an order for  Nilufer Dhondy and Jaloo Sarkari’s mouth watering bhonu in Gurgaon.

Until then, come on Delhi, to the Radisson MBD Noida – Jamwa Chalo!

Meal for two : Rs 2500 (excluding taxes)*
Contact: 95120-4300000
The festival at Radisson MBD, Noida is on till September 19, 2010

*As per reports received. Please check with Radisson for exact details.