Universal Hum Bandagi

We Zoroastrians are a microscopic community but have “our presence” throughout the world. We therefore feel that Zoroastrians all over the world should offer “Hum Bandagi” for “Hama Anjuman” the entire Creation all over for Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.

The Idea is simple: at 11:55pm on 31st December 2010 (your local time), please visit the Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation website – http://www.zyng.org/ – and play the Hum Bandagi video on the top left of the home page.

The Hum Bandagi video shall be ready to play at exactly 12 midnight. Click on the play button of this video to start playing the same and join in, in our endeavour to spread a message.

You can opt to play the Hum Bandagi video at 11:55pm Indian Standard Time (IST) – or at 11:55pm in your local time if more convenient. But do use this ready “borderless” platform to unite and to create a great Spiritual Fusion!

See you on www.zyng.org – and please spread this message among your Zoroastrian family and friends worldwide, in whatever manner possible.

Thanks and Best Wishes for a very Happy 2011!