Save Bahrot Caves

Courtesy Farzan Mazda

Bahrot Caves. Picture credit Farzan Mazda

Dr. Homi Dhalla, the Founder-President of World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation, has taken immense pains to initiate gigantic efforts to Preserve and Save the Bahrot Caves as a precious heritage structure since the last several years.

In a first of its kind, he has now initiated an online signature campaign, to be submitted to the Director-General, Archeological Survey of India, to step up efforts in that direction. You can read the petition online by clicking here.

If you agree with the petition, you can also sign it online. It takes just a few minutes to read, sign and forward it to your friends, relatives, or other concerned individuals.

Please do spread the word and take action now!

(Thank you Yazdi Tantra, for this news and link)

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