BPP requires grieving relatives to prove the deceased Parsi family member has not left her religion

Whaat…??!! Yes, really…

Now when a Parsi woman married to a non-Parsi man dies in Mumbai, besides grieving and taking care of other formalities, her family members will also have to organize an affidavit stating that she was a practicing Zoroastrian till her death, if she is to be accorded full Parsi burial rights and ceremonies.

Hmm. The order remains silent on Parsi men married to non-Parsi women. A very surprising  bias this, especially coming from a community known for its liberal and respectful attitude toward women.

Well it’s not surprising either, because the issues around Parsi women who marry outside the “religion”  have been around and been debated for a long time now, without resolution. But only in some really orthodox sections of the community, we must point out.

There are enough Parsi women across India, who have married outside the community, and continue to get the due respect and due rights from all concerned, if they choose to hold onto their religious beliefs, irrespective of whom they have married.

For the latest on the issue arising in Mumbai, click here to read an article in DNA

“In a resolution passed last month, the community’s apex body Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) said that families of the women will have to sign affidavits after their death, swearing that the women practiced their maiden religion till the end.”