THE AVESTAGENOME PROJECT™ Needs Every Parsi's Help THE AVESTAGENOME PROJECT™ is a large-scale biological study that has as its main goal the search for the basis of Longevity and the higher incidence of certain diseases seen in the Parsi/Irani-Zoroastrian population. In addition the study will result in archival of

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An article on Agiarys – from Hindustan Times

An article on Agiarys - from Hindustan Times Adale Patel pointed us to an article that appeared in the Hindustan Times recently. Besides pointing out the fact that some of our Agiarys are being given "Heritage" status, the article titled "Enduring Fire" goes on to provide insights not just on

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Parsis – The World’s Smallest Nation

Parsis - The World's Smallest Nation From Google Earth Community The 2001 census in India put Parsis at 69,600. There are some 35,000 or 40,000 additionally, mainly in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Population estimates in India expect Parsis to come down to 20,000 by 2020.

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The Missing Parsi

The Missing Parsi If you thought finding long lost friends and relatives only happened in old Hindi movies, you've got to visit this website I found the other day! It is an interesting and useful website called The Missing Parsi. It is a wonderful tool/site created by Ader Gandi

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